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Dated: April 18 2016

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I’ve been in Texas for about six months and so far, so good BUT there are things that this Florida girl misses!

1. Publix Yes, this is my number one.  Anyone who knows me, knows I had a HUGE love affair with Publix cakes for years. I have yet to find that moist, delicious scrumptious cake here.  The yummy smells when you walk in, the friendly employees and sub sandwiches.  Of course, I’ve asked Publix to expand to Dallas-no word back just yet.

2. Beaches– Ok, I have to admit, I lived 10 minutes from the beach and didn’t take full advantage.  What was I thinking??  Now I am longing for my toes in the sand and the peaceful sound of the waves crashing, particularly the Gulf Coast.


3. Sunny Days– I didn’t realize how accustomed I was to seeing the shining sun EVERYDAY.  With the average of 221 days of sunshine in Jacksonville, I should have realized how much I was going to miss the golden sun.  In Texas, it seems, if it rains, it rains ALL day, not for 3 minutes.

4. Disney Day Trips- A two hour drive and we were at the best place on Earth! Annual passes and spending only 5 hours there made it worth while.  Now, we’d be “tourists” and have to make a detailed itinerary to make it worth a flight, regular “non-Florida” resident ticket pricing and a hotel.

5.  Extended merge lanes– sounds silly until you move to a state that all the sudden ends lanes.  Talk about scary!  Florida ensures that you have a merge sign, arrows, Lane ends 2000 feet, etc.

6.  Bahama Breeze– I can’t say I’m personally responsible, but I did write corporate to bring a Bahama Breeze to Jacksonville.  Perhaps I should add that to my list until then I have to make the trip to Florida for my patties.

Now on to the new.  Mainly for a job transfer, but several other factors brought us to the Dallas area. Here’s just a few of the finer things Texas offers.

1. Security and Safety–  This is top priority for me.  The sense of security and children playing outside, friendly neighbors and low crime have made for an experience similar to traveling back in time.  I am amazed weekly by things that are “safe” to do here with defenses lowered.

2. Infrastructure– Four way stops EVERYWHERE. That’s all.  I don’t see why Florida hasn’t adopted this as it would save tons of accidents where people misjudge a two way stop.  Most streets run on a grid system in the suburbs easing the pain for newbies finding their way around.  Major highways and toll roads make getting around quickly a reality or if you want to save some cash, there’s always a service road parallel to the highway.

3.  Parks– There are parks every half mile, I really think so.   Even if it is a picnic table, small playground, lake, there are appealing places to stop and enjoy yourself in every city.  My jaws dropped when I saw that they place water coolers with water and cups along heavily traveled sidewalks on the weekends.


4. Pride of ownership– It seems everyone is prideful in what they own and their surroundings.  Yards are well kept, freshly landscaped yards and common areas are prominent, and trash cans at heavy intersection stop lights (genius)

5. Aesthetics– This goes hand and hand with the pride of ownership but the stone, brick, and trendy storefronts are hard to not rubberneck.  Texas has their own style and I’m falling for it fast. Shabby chic, raw, rustic woods, metal, and soft colors are just a few Texas trends.

6. Organized events– Check out several websites such as Children events to find fun entertainment for the whole family.  Whether considering a museum, park, entertainment venue or a night out on the town there’s something for everyone and usually within a 30 minute drive.

Overall Dallas, Texas has provided an increase in quality of life for my family and we are pleased to be making Dallas home! 


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